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Existence Like a Puzzle and also the Finest Puzzler

Existence is complicated. It’s full of every part. Once we develop we come across different conditions in existence, many are even left unsolved. As highly intellectual beings, we acquire information and understanding, we achieve things in existence, so we be than we are able to be or imagine. Yet in some way, in some way, you will find things and parts within our lives that people may not solve on our own–even when we tell you they are the finest genius. Because existence, inside a metaphoric sense, is sort of a puzzle. And say, inside a puzzle game, the pieces are damaged, separated, unconnected, complicated and requires lots of thinking and energy. Existence is much like that.

Nevertheless, as everyone knows it, puzzle pieces can’t be linked to one another unless of course a person participates. Within this sense, a puzzle without the assistance of someone’s hands can’t be solved. Existence is much like that. Things I actually want to have to say is our life is like puzzles, it’s complicated. Unconnected. But when we permit the participation of the Greater Person to guide us the cool thing is our lives won’t forever remain as puzzles.

We’re a group of puzzles. Every one of us live a puzzled existence. We might be unconnected before, separated from one another through isolating ourselves, but when we allow Jesus to go in within our lives because the Finest Player (a Puzzler) we are linked to one another, to Him. (Romans 12:5 “therefore we, though many, is one body in Christ, and individually people certainly one of another” ESV 2001)

The Puzzles and also the Puzzler

1. Puzzle pieces are damaged.

Hanging around of puzzle, the pieces are damaged into individual sorts. Within our existence you will find occasions that we’re damaged into pieces, not literally incidentally, but emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually. This caused us to consider that existence is unfair, miserable, and unlovable. It’s Because we live a damaged existence. We might believe that we are able to endure it, but insidewithin all we can’t. Unknowingly, we’re leading ourselves to some more painful situations.

You should realize that we alone cannot heal the brokenness within our lives. We want a healbot, a puzzler who are able to solve and heal everything. And that’s Jesus. We’re such as the damaged pieces, existence situations because the entire puzzle, and Jesus because the puzzler who monitors and is aware of this all.

2. A puzzle game in 2 forms: easy (beginner) and complex (advanced player)

Existence is simple. Hahhhh… I doubt so. Existence is really filled with complicated things. However, existence can really be simple, too, when we truthfully follow Jesus. But Jesus didn’t promise so that it is easy, but He promises us that he’ll exist around. Problems remain, trials too, but it’s a good factor that Jesus who resides in us can make it simpler for all of us to handle situation. We simply need to rely upon Him. Keep Jesus.

Existence is complicated. If you opt to complicate things, that’s. See, it is your decision that means something really! If you feel you’re awesome and knowledgeable enough, if you feel you’re a pro already, complicated the situation is then inevitable. (Luke 12:8 “But the one that doesn’t know and does things deserving punishment is going to be beaten with couple of blows. From everybody that has received much, much is going to be required and from the one that continues to be entrusted with much, a lot more is going to be requested.”)

It’s a universal proven fact that existence is definitely complicated. But when God is by using us, then who are able to be against us? However, existence has already been complicated, yes, so let’s NOT allow it to be more difficult if you attempt to hightail it from God.

3. Unconnected.

Puzzle pieces are separated from each other. They’re unconnected. There’s a necessity to that particular situation. However, let’s put in mind that originally a puzzle is perfectly connected before we attempted to disassemble them. We’re like this. In what manner? Take a look at Adam and Eve! When God produced them they’re perfect–connected thoroughly towards the Father! Initially i was linked to Him so we were said to be perfect. Speculate of sins, we become damaged pieces, disassembled. We lost our link with one another and also to God. Due to this loss connection, our way of life are filled with misleading and unsolved issues. And to be able to overcome these problems in existence, we want Jesus to go in to the hearts and soul to ensure that He might guide us throughout our life’s conditions. When we allow Jesus to sign up in exactly what we all do, we’ll become attached to the Father once more. Is not it a sweet factor?

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