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Calculating Poker Drawing Odds in An Easy Way

Mathematics is crucial in poker but this does not mean that you have to be math genius for playing this fun game. Just a good understanding about probabilities will be fine. Recognizing the odds is everything in a poker game. In this game, there are good and bad wagers. The result of the game decides, who is capable to perceive the difference. It means you need to know as well as understand the math of this game.

Odds & percentage – Basic math

Odds can be stated as ‘for’ and ‘against’. For example, the odds against beating a flush of 4 suited cards with a single card can be expressed as roughly 4-to-1, which does not mean ‘quarter’. It is not a fraction but a ratio [4:1]. To calculate odds for this situation is to add 4 and 1, which equals to 5. It means your projection to beat your flush is 1 out of each 5 times or in terms of percentage 20% (100 / 5).

Counting your outs

While playing on this link https://99situsbandarq.biz/18-situs-poker-online-terpercaya-dan-terbaik-2016/, you will need to understand the basic math regarding odds. Before calculating odds know your ‘outs’.

‘Out’ is a card that will make your hand. Suppose, you are on flush draw holding 4 hearts then 9 hearts [outs] will remain in the deck to give you a flush. Bear in mind that a suit has 13 cards, so 13-4=9. You see counting outs is easy. Count the unknown card numbers, which will enhance your hand but there are a couple of things to consider.

  • Never count the outs twice
  • Anti-outs and blockers

So, remember, there are good outs, the not-so good outs, and the anti-outs. Therefore, assess your outs cautiously.

Calculating poker odds – an easy way

Rule of 4 and 2

Just multiple your outs with 4, when there is both turn and river to be dealt. When there is just one card to be dealt [from turn to river] then multiply outs by 2 and not 4.

If your opponent goes all-in and with a call you can see both turn and river cards then you will have 9 outs, which means 9 x 4 = 36. This is not exact match to crunching numbers but nearly close.

When there is just a single card to come then for flush draw with 9 outs, it is 9 x 2 = 18%. For straight draw count outs and then multiply by 2 – 8 x 2 = 16% i.e. close to 17%. This is close and easy math, no need to be a genius.

Online, you will find poker drawing odds and probabilities chart, which is accurate and very handy source of reference.

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