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Are You Looking for Fantastic Prices on DBZ Cards?

Many of us have grown up reading and watching Goku’s adventures in the Dragon Ball Z series as he defends the planet against villains such as Vegeta. It is an adventure that has captivated millions of minds worldwide and has led to not only extended storylines, but also to the DBZ card game.

Why Collect and Play a Trading Card Game?

Trading cards have been with us in one form or another for many decades. They were popularised in the United States with baseball cards and cigarette cards. Over time, these collectible cards were produced to support feature films and to promote a wide variety of entertainment franchises.

It was not until the early nineties, however, that trading cards came to be regarded as a game as well. Although these trading cards retained their coolness and collectability, cleverly devised rules highlighted the fact that anyone could buy a random set of cards and add them to their collection.

So, why are these trading card games, and the DBZ trading card game specifically, so popular amongst people of all ages and all walks of life? Consider the following reasons:

  • Exclusivity: Typically, these collectible cards are broken down into rarities, with the most rare often being the highest priced and also the most powerful in terms of the game. People who love collectible card games like DBZ are attracted to the exclusivity of collecting rare cards. They are also drawn to the gambling aspect of the game when they buy a booster pack of random cards. The hope is to discover a card in the pack that is very rare and valuable. It is this feeling of exclusivity and treasure hunting that provides people with a huge impetus to buy and collect the cards and packs. The good news is that many such packs can be found at affordable prices from online gaming vendors.
  • Value: Apart from the fact that very rare cards are generally powerful in gaming terms, they are also often valuable in financial terms too. Indeed, in some collectible card games, the rarest cards have been known to fetch multiple thousands of dollars on the secondhand collector’s market. In this sense, collectible trading card games are like any other niche investment and represent a money-making opportunity for enterprising gamers.
  • Enjoyment: The fundamental fact is that playing these sorts of games is a lot of fun! Though many people focus on the financial aspects of collecting, the bulk of people who invest in DBZ cards and others do it because it is a fun game that they can enjoy and play with their friends. In fact, some trading card companies will even organise officially sanctioned tournaments where players can pit their decks and their skills against one another for prizes.

Not Just a Game

The fact is that trading cards these days are about a lot more than just collectability. They can certainly be carefully placed into folders for safekeeping and for trading, but the real heart of such games is the fun and social value of being able to play and learn with others.

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